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Our partners are chosen with the utmost care. Forstly they need to fit in with our Social Enterprise goals and secondly we choose them for their well known and proven experience and expertice. With most of our partners, we have been working with them for over 25 years.

Our local partners reach further than just the work place. They have the same goals as us by making sure the impact on the environment of tourist is as small as possible, while in the mean time the social impact is as large as possible on the development of the local employees and surrounding communities.

Our partners are connected to the main travel associations (eg ABTA Travel Association, Atta, ATOL and SATSA) so your trip is fully insured against bankruptcy etc. Most of the employees and owners we know personally. This allows us to guarantee you with a solid, well-organized trip in Africa. All tours are accompanied by enthusiastic experienced tour guides, who have a great knowledge and understanding of the area and will help you find the best of everything!