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Lake Malawi 

The third largest lake in Africa, taking up a fifth of Malawi’ s total land area. Sometimes known as the ‘calendar lake’ (from its imperial dimensions: 365 miles long and 52 miles wide, the lake is freshwater and home to more than 500 species of fish – more than in North America and Europe combined! The clear waters of this lake are also one of the world’s premier fresh water dive and snorkelling spots and the major tourist attraction – the water being broadly safe for swimming. Many water sports are available - including fishing, water skiing, windsurfing and sailing.

We offer overland tours that visit the stunning beaches of Lake Malawi or private safaris.


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A Classic Safari - from Kenya to Cape Town, with every opportunity to see the big five and more in game park after game park from the Masai Mara to...

Local Tour Payment US$900
Nairobi - Cape Town Duration: 59 days

Beginning in the 'City of gold' Johannesburg, traveling across into beautiful Botswana, cruising the Chobe river, game drives in Hwange National...

Local Tour Payment US$930
Johannesburg - Nairobi Duration: 44 days

The chance to see the Big Five and more! Visiting the mountain gorillas, and game park after park - Masai Mara, Serengeti, Queen Elizabeth, Nakuru...

Local Tour Payment: US$1000
Nairobi - Victoria Falls Duration: 51 days

Journey through the heart of the wild continent, from Zambia into Malawi...

Local Tour Payment: US$300
Livingstone - Lilongwe Duration: 12 days

Journey through the heart of the wild continent, from Zambia through Malawi and down through Mozambique to South Africa. A diverse and fascinating...

Local Tour Payment: US$400
Livingstone - Johannesburg Duration: 22 days

Journey through the heart of the wild continent, from Zambia through Malawi!...

Local Tour Payment: US$300
Livingstone - Lilongwe Duration: 16 days

Highlights: Five Countries Visited, Kariba, Chobe Boat Cruise, Victoria Falls, Zambezi Canoe Trip, Luangwa NP, Lake Malawi, Kruger NP...

Local Tour Payment: NA
Johannesburg - Johannesburg Duration: 24 days

Highlights: Masai Mara, Serengeti, Nakuru NP, Queen Elizabeth NP, Kazinga Channel game cruise, Ngorongoro Crater...

Local Tour Payment US$1260
Nairobi - Cape Town Duration: 73 days

Game drives on the Serengeti's savannah plains, in Ngorongoro Crater and on the pans of Etosha. Zanzibar's palmfringed white beaches, the mighty...

Local Tour Payment US$625
Nairobi - Cape Town Duration: 52 days


Activity package €648
Cape-Town - Johannesburg Duration: 25 days