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Tours & Safaris Mozambique

You’re ready for an overland adventure off the beaten track across Africa, you’d like to travel with friendly like-minded people, you believe the journey is as important as the places you visit, you don’t mind roughing it a little, or helping with the day to day chores, you’re a single traveller and don’t want to pay any supplements. If you like the sound of this then head on over to or Overland section and find out more.

Overlanding is arguably the ultimate way to experience Africa! The fleets of self-sufficient, custom-built trucks are some of the finest in overland travel. Designed with comfort and durability in mind, they are more than simply transport - your vehicle becomes your home from home, and is stocked with all the facilities and equipment (and a few luxuries) to make your overland experience a great one. With forward facing seats and large windows, you won’t miss out on the amazing scenery or wildlife. As one of the team, you’re involved in day-to-day duties including setting up camp or shopping for provisions - a great way to mix with others and meet the local people.

We offer various overland tours to Mozambique. We offer camping toursaccommodates tours and a mixture of both. 

What is a Local Tour Payment?

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This small group accommodated tour starts and finishes in Johannesburg. Wildlife and wetlands of Zululand, magnificent beaches, snorkeling, diving,...

Local Tour Payment: NA
Johannesburg - Johannesburg Duration: 14 days

Journey through the heart of the wild continent, from Zambia through Malawi and down through Mozambique to South Africa. A diverse and fascinating...

Local Tour Payment: US$400
Livingstone - Johannesburg Duration: 22 days

Explore Africa with your own 4WD and enjoy the ultimate wildlife experience! Cheap rates quaranteed...

Local Payment:
South-Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia Duration: from 7 days

Highlights: Five Countries Visited, Kariba, Chobe Boat Cruise, Victoria Falls, Zambezi Canoe Trip, Luangwa NP, Lake Malawi, Kruger NP...

Local Tour Payment: NA
Johannesburg - Johannesburg Duration: 24 days

This expedition from London to Cairo offers many highlights such as; Gibraltar, Riff Mountains, Sahara Desert, Niger River, West African Coast, the...

Local Tour Payment: US$2575
Gibraltar - Cairo via Cape Town Duration: 39 weeks

From a budget participation camping trip with friends to a luxury safari for two? Our private tours are an experience to remember...

Local Tour Payment: NA
South-Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, T Duration: From 1 day