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Nairobi to Cape Town

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A Classic Safari - from Kenya to Cape Town, with every opportunity to see the big five and more in game park after game park from the Masai Mara to...

Local Tour Payment US$900
Nairobi - Cape Town Duration: 59 days

Highlights: Masai Mara, Serengeti, Nakuru NP, Queen Elizabeth NP, Kazinga Channel game cruise, Ngorongoro Crater...

Local Tour Payment US$1260
Nairobi - Cape Town Duration: 73 days

Game drives on the Serengeti's savannah plains, in Ngorongoro Crater and on the pans of Etosha. Zanzibar's palmfringed white beaches, the mighty...

Local Tour Payment US$625
Nairobi - Cape Town Duration: 52 days

This expedition from London to Cairo offers many highlights such as; Gibraltar, Riff Mountains, Sahara Desert, Niger River, West African Coast, the...

Local Tour Payment: US$2575
Gibraltar - Cairo via Cape Town Duration: 39 weeks