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National Parks Uganda

To many people Uganda is one of the most beautiful and friendly countries in Africa. The capital, Kampala, is built on a series of hills on the northern edge of Lake Victoria, and the neighbouring city of Jinja built over the outlet from that lake. The scenery to the west along the border of DR Congo is dominated by high ranges of mountains, the Ruwenzoris (Ptolemy's "Mountains of the Moon"), and is suitably spectacular, as are the regions to the north of Kampala, around the Murchison Falls. The 'Idi Amin' days have long disappeared. Uganda in the 1990's is a place of improvement and regeneration. Roads and buildings have been or are being rebuilt, and the economy is slowly re-asserting itself. The tourist industry is still small - but is growing; game parks are being restocked and services in Kampala and around the country being improved.  

When to travel 
The best time to travel to Uganda is late December to late February; while hot & humid this is regarded as the dry season. After this the next best time to do Gorilla trekking is June – September. While trekking is regarded as year round activity the difficulty level will increase when it is wet. 

Getting there and away 
Kampala, Uganda’s capital is served by the nearby Entebbe airport on the shores of Lake Victoria. Regional connections are available from Nairobi on Kenya’s National Carrier Kenya Airways or from Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport on South African Airways. Internationally Emirates operate a daily service to Entebbe from their Dubai hub.