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Local Payment

The local payment is a separate payment from the initial price you pay before you leave. If a local payment is required it will be shown with the trip price. This second payment is made in Africa at the start of your trip. It is payable in USD. 

The local payment provides us with the means for expenses that need to be paid in cash to local businesses en route to be arranged in the most cost effective manner possible, a saving we can then pass on to you. It also means we can operate in a way that directly supports local businesses and wildlife authorities as we travel. 
Local Payment will not be changed once you have booked your travel arrangements.

Benefitting from Local Prices
By requiring you to pay the Local Payment on tour we ensure you pay local prices at the time you travel. On occasions, if local costs increase, a small increase in Local Payment may arise. Meanwhile, funds not used by the end of the tour are refunded amongst all passengers so you can be sure of receiving the absolute best value for money.

Not all of tours have a Local Tour Payment included. Sometimes the Local Tour Payment is are already included in the tour price. And some tours do include lunches, others don't. Choose a tour that suits you. If the lunches are excluded this means that you can buy your own lunch and decide how much you want to spend on it. It also gives you the opportunity to explore the local cuisine a bit more! If the lunches are included, it means that you have lunch as a group which you prepare with the group. 

Optional Extras

Some clients spend more, some less. In order to give you maximum flexibility on tour we offer a number of optional activities on the tour. To help budget, approximate prices are listed in the Tour Dossier. All prices subject to change and availability.