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Visa information

Make sure you know what visas you need and how to get them before you travel. Visa requirements vary with nationality and change frequently, often with little or no notice. You should enquire well in advance of your departure date with the appropriate embassy, consulate or visa authority about your destination's visa requirements. At least one month prior to travel seek confirmation from embassies or a visa specialist, that these requirements are still current.

Your passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months when leaving the country (most countries) and you need a couple of empty pages in your passport.

General Travel advisories

The IATA travel centre offers a variety of information including passport, visa and health advice using their destination search tool.

In the United Kingdom the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) provides free and up to date information and advice for citizens travelling abroad. The information is easily accessible on the FCO website ( and covers health, security and sensible precautions to take whilst travelling. We urge you to look at it and hope you will feel free to call or email us if we can help with further information or you wish to discuss any aspect of the information provided.

Most other governments issue similar advice, and we hope the links listed below assist.

United Kingdom

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office and National Travel Health Network and Centre have up-to-date advice on staying safe and healthy while travelling. For the latest travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office including security and local laws, plus passport and visa information check and follow @FCOtravel and The advice can change so check regularly for updates.

United States of America

The State Department's office provides information on health and safety for every country in the world, as well as where consular offices and embassies are located. Information on visas, health and security information is available via their country search tool.


The Australian Smart Traveller website is provided by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and is available to assist Australians in gaining information and travel advice relevant to them.


The Travel Advice and Advisories are the Government of Canada’s official source of destination-specific travel information. They give you important advice to help you to make informed decisions and to travel safely while you are abroad.

Visas cost and where to get them
Morocco -  most nationalities don’t need one but SA must get it beforehand 
Mauritania – on route US$30
Mali –on route US$35
Burkina Faso –before departure US$15
Ghana –before departure US$25
Togo –on route US$15 but USA $25
Benin –on route US$20
Nigeria –before departure USA & UK US$130, Australia & NZ US$20
Cameroon –on route US$120
Gabon –on route US$55
Congo –on route US$110
DR Congo –on route US$85
Angola –on route US$100
Namibia - Australia, NZ, UK, Canada, most EU, & USA do not need one
South Africa - Australia, NZ, UK, Canada, EU, & USA do not need one. To enter South Africa you need 2 free passport pages, sometimes they ask for proof of your onward journey; that is a flight or tour ticket.
Southern East and Africa : From Cape Town to Nairobi with a passport from- Australia, NZ, UK, Canada, most EU, & USA you can normally get visas on the border of each country visited if needed.
Botswana - Australia, NZ, UK, Canada, most EU, & USA do not need one
Zambia –on route US$ $50 via 
Malawi - Australia, NZ, UK, Canada, most EU, & USA do not need one.
Tanzania – Aust., NZ, UK, Canada, most EU, & USA buy on the border US$50 & $100 USA 
Kenya – online (before arrival) via US$50
Uganda - on route US$50
Rwanda & D.R. Congo - on route US$60

Please be aware that visa prices can change at a moment's notice and the above costs are advisory.