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What to Pack?

Spectacles / Contact Lenses 

Take a spare pair of spectacles/eyeglasses or contact lenses if worn. Some people have trouble with contact lenses and dust, we recommend you bring spectacles to avoid any possible problems. We also recommend that you take your spectacle/eyeglass prescription as it is possible to have lenses made in the larger cities, should the need arise.


Toilet bag, towel, small mirror, razors, shampoo, soap, ‘wet wipes’, toothbrush and paste, moisturiser, sunscreen lotion, sanitary napkins. Supplies of most things can be replenished en route but not all western brands may be available.

Clothing - Overland Tours 

You will be on the move quite a bit so we suggest that you pack lightly. The lockers we provide on the overland trucks are about 70 litres (H:330mm, L:700mm W:540mm) and this is the only space for storage so please keep your luggage to this size. Please note that we recommend you pack for warm days and cool nights. Even in summer the evenings can cool down quite a bit. Our overland tours require that you bring your own sleeping bag. We provide your tent and sleeping mat (tents have built in Mosquito nets.)

Gorilla trekking

The terrain is quite difficult and we suggest you bring comfortable, rugged hiking boots. You may want to bring gaiters as well. The area can be muddy and slippery especially if you are trekking in the wet season. The items of clothing you wear for trekking may not come back in their original state so bring clothing you do not mind getting dirty/wet. Neutral colors will need to be worn for this trek.

Itemized list for overland tours

Most people make the mistake of bringing too much! Clothing you bring should be easy to launder and withstand wear. There will be an opportunity to wash clothing at most campsites.


Most general items can be carried and stored in your main bag, but a lockable day pack/bag is essential for those items required during the day. Try to keep your luggage to a minimum, and remember to keep to your airline's weight restriction (normally 20kg/44lbs or less). Note some tours have luggage weight limits - check your tour dossier.

Your luggage will be dependent on the type of trip you are taking, but a hold-all, a soft bag on wheels or a rucksack are ideal for adventure travel when luggage is carried in vehicles. As a rule, hard cases should only be used on centre based trips (ie. dive tours or city stays).