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We started African Travels to make a difference. With every trip you book you do too...

We can't better the world by ourselves but we can do business in the most sustainable way. At least we try. African Travels is a Social Enterprise. Social enterprises are businesses that trade to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances, or the environment. They make their money from selling goods and services in the open market, but they reinvest their profits back into the business or the local community. So when they profit, society profits

Get a FREE WakaWaka

What's so great about a WakaWaka? With regular power outages in Africa, this gadget can be very handy when travelling. It charges an iPhone within 2 hours! The WakaWaka Power + is a powerful, compact charger and (pocket) lamp on solar energy. It charges any type of phone and small electronic devices and provides up to 150 hours of safe and sustainable light.

How it works | Buy One = Give One

When you make a booking with us you will receive per booking (not per person) a free WakaWaka. As a Social Enterprise we are willing to give a part of our profit away. As we feel this is a very important project and the ultimate gadget for your trip to Africa, we decided to give one to our customers. Every purchase helps fund the WakaWaka Foundation's efforts to end energy poverty and bring light to the 1.2b people in the world without electricity. So when you receive your WakaWaka Power+ you may donate one to Africa or other project in need somewhere around the world. Read more about WakaWaka >>

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Sponsor a TRIP for a KID!

Children in Africa often see tourist come and go to see the wildlife in their country. But very often children have never witnessed a lion in the wild, they have only seen a wood crafted lion in a souvenir shop, on tv or on big billboards along the roads. Often they haven't even travelled out of their own village or town. For us Western people, travelling is commonplace, sadly, in Africa they have other priorities.

'It is very true that most of our children read about the big five in books, they have never had a chance to see them live. They study about the big beautiful national parks as if they were foreign things which exist in another continent! It is very sad.' Edward Mwololo, headmaster

Elephant Dung Paper

The benefits from our elephant dung paper products we will give to the Happy Watoto Foundation in Arusha, We will make sure that these ex-street kids will be able to make a school trip to one of the National Parks close by. We will donate a percentage towards the entire school, so that by the end of the year, the whole class or school can go on a field trip. Shop now >>

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Where we give

We work very closely together with our African volunteer partners. As a start, we will give money to our projects in Arusha. The Happy Watoto Project in Arusha, Tanzania, looks after orphaned children. The school depends sadly entirely on donations as the government refuses to pay any dues towards helping these children. With the right amount of help, these kids can finally go and visit Arusha National Park. 

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Thoughtful Partnerships

African Travels Volunteer projects commits itself to finding those projects that need your help and truly offer a life changing experience to you, the volunteer. We have been around long enough and seen many projects doing very well with their numbers of volunteers, but we truly believe that volunteer numbers need to be managed and kept in line with the actual needs of projects. We work closely together with our African Partners and know they spend the money wisely and the projects are run by passion and love for the children. Unfortunately, these projects would not be able to exist without the financial help from volunteers and overseas companies as the local gouvernment cannot support the amount of child-, social- or wildlife projects in their country. 

Our impact

We hope to make a difference in children's lives. Maybe a day out will create a little bit more courage and ambition they need towards building a better future for themselves and generations to come. Although we cannot arrange free trips for every child, the more trips we sell, the more kids we can help! 

We cannot better the world by ourselves, but every little step is on stride closer towards a better tomorrow.

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