Travel Styles

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Travel Styles

Enjoy your freedom

Self Drives

We design tailor made itineraries to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi. Depending on the route you will be driving a normal rental car, SUV or 4×4 vehicle. Self drives can be accommodated routes in small scale accommodations, camping trips with rooftop tents or a combination.

The most economic way to discover Africa

Camping Group Tours

The canvas tents will not keep away the smells of the bush, the plants, the soil, the wildlife. It will make a impression for life. Enjoy campfires and fun times getting to know your fellow travelers as you forge new friendships and share travel stories.

Small scale group experience

Accommodated Group Tours

Accommodated group tours do give you a little more comfort. You will stay in small scale lodges and tented camps. Mostly you will have an ensuite bathroom. Group size is usually between 4-12 people.

Journey’s the whole family will enjoy

Family Holidays

Children love Africa! Wildlife, nature trails, beaches, the peoplee. When traveling with children, we will make sure that we choose family friendly accommodation, short travel distances and suitable activities for the kids ages.

Discover Africa in style

Luxury Travel

African Travels will send you to the most beautiful and unique accommodations in Africa. They are not only runned by excellent staff, they also give back to the local community and operate as eco friendly as possible. From luxury boutique hotels to community runned lodges.

Africa has all ingredients for the perfect honeymoon

Honeymoon & Romance

Honeymoons and romantic getaways to secluded and ultra romantic destinations. In any level of luxury.

Discover Africa in with your own driver guide

Private safari

Traveling with your own driver guide on our private safaris is very convenient. You decide when you start and finish your day, how long you stop to take a picture and observe the animals. The itinerary is tailor made to your accommodation of choice, lenght and destination. Our qualified and experienced guides will look after you and show them their home country with pride and joy!

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