Jaw-dropping scenery

Lower Zambezi National Park

Set opposite the Mana Pools Reserve of Zimbabwe, at the broadening of the Lower Zambezi, the eponymous Lower Zambezi National Park is a wonderland of jaw-dropping scenery, enthralling wildlife, and rich culture. Visitors can look forward to viewing elephant herds reaching up to a hundred strong and watch hippo, buffalo, leopard, lion, and 52 other mammal species play in their natural habitat.

Paddle along the river to watch the action along its banks, indulge in sundowners on a pontoon boat while more than 400 bird species surround you, and enjoy the excellent tiger fishing in the area. Don’t miss the opportunity to hike to the spectacular Chongwe Falls for a picnic, lunch on the sandbank with the water at your feet and discover the ancient traditional cultures of the Goba Villages with an interactive tour.

Best time to travel to Lower Zambezi National Park

The period from July to October is the middle and end of the dry season. The best wildlife viewing months are from July to October, as there is very little water to be found, and the animals hang around the places where they can still find water. However, October can at times be extremely hot.

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Zambia is excellent for wildlife photography. No crowds and stunning scenery.

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African Travels will send you to the most beautiful and unique accommodations in Africa. They are not only runned by excellent staff, they also give back to the local community and operate as eco friendly as possible. Located in the most beautiful locations, they will contribute to the your ultimate safari experience. 

From tented safari camps to luxury boutique hotels. We will make sure they tick all the boxes!

  • All accommodations are carefully selected by us
  • Value for money
  • Local community support
  • The location compliments the African experience

Waterberry Zambezi Lodge – Zambia

/ / /
One of very few small, independent lodges actually on the Zambezi riverbank near Victoria Falls, Waterberry is perfectly placed for guests to enjoy total peace and quiet, away from the noise and bustle of activities around town, while being close to the Falls and all the adventures that Livingstone has to offer. Guests can choose […]

Flatdogs Camp – Zambia

/ / / / /
Flatdogs camp is a beautiful camp with great views of the Luangwa River and is situated across the South Luangwa National Park.

Mfuwe Lodge – Zambia

/ /
The award-winning Mfuwe Lodge is the perfect place to enjoy excellent game viewing and recharge your batteries in South Luangwa National Park.


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