Self drives

Self drives in Africa

Traveling through Africa at your own pace with a rental car is the ideal way for many travelers to discover the continent. Self drives through Africa have become very popular in recent years. All our self drive routes are tailor-made, entirely according to the wishes of the customer.

Because we have lived in Zimbabwe for many years, made many 4 × 4 trips through Southern Africa, you get first-hand advice!

African Travels offers self drives to Southern Africa. For South Africa only, you don’t need a 4×4 vehicle. For the other countries, we strongly recommend using a vehicle with higher clearance.

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Self drive South Africa

Every self drive trip to South Africa is custom made to your liking. We design the route, type of accommodation, rental car and optional excursions according to your wishes. South Africa is very accessable with a normal rental car (or SUV). According to the itinerary we will advise on the best rental car to drive. The most economical and most enjoyable way is a bed & breakfast in small guest houses or self catering chalets journey by car visiting all the highlights this beautiful country has to offer. Starting in Cape Town and ending in Johannesburg or vice versa is the most popular route, but we also design any other route according to your wishes and time frame! Multi country in combination with Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe or Mozambique is also possible. We do not book just a rental car. We are a one stop shop to design your ultimate trip to South Africa!

Local office South Africa

With our local office in South Africa, we are quickly on site if necessary. We have personally selected all accommodations we use in our itinerary.

Self drives Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique

Southern Africa is the perfect destination to explore on your own with a rental car. There are plenty of beautiful, well-maintained camping grounds and with a tough 4WD you can explore the wildlife parks at your own pace. A 4 × 4 car is highly recommended. Due to the many potholes, gravel and dirt roads, a car with higher clearance iss a must! We design self drives with camping equipment, lodge accommodations or a combination.

Camping equipment

The most popular 4×4 vehicle with camping equipment is the Toyota Hilux with rooftop tent(s). They sleep 2 or 4 /5 people. Bush campers are also available but they are not always allowed on the deep sandy roads.  

Trip planner tool

Design your own trip with our new Trip Planner tool! We strongly recommend using the tool to design a draft. If you do book the accommodations, vehicle and flights yourself, these elements will not be covered by our Guarantee fund. Explore and design, then share the itinerary with us and we give you advice on your wishes and will start booking the trip for you!

Special interests? Talk to us and we can include these in your itinerary.




African Travels will send you to the most beautiful and unique accommodations in Africa. They are not only runned by excellent staff, they also give back to the local community and operate as eco friendly as possible. Located in the most beautiful locations, they will contribute to the your ultimate safari experience. From tented safari camps to luxury boutique hotels. We will make sure they tick all the boxes!

  • All accommodations are carefully selected by us
  • Value for money
  • Local community support
  • The location compliments the African experience


  • This trip went far beyond our expectations leaving us with indelible memories of people, places and experiences!

    Susan G.
    Private safari
  • This was a great trip and what perfectly arranged! From Johannesburg to the Kruger Park and back again. Everything but everything arranged down to the last detail with freedom of choice. An unforgettable experience!

    Maarten V.
    Small Group Safari
  • We have never had such a great and personal travel agent! African Travels is an excellent organization that arranges everything the way you want.

    Annemieke van E.
    Self drive
  • Our experiences with African Travels are 100% positive. Everything was arranged perfectly. If we will make such a trip again, then it will be with African Travels! Thanks Will and Marijnke.

    Julia W.
    Self drive Botswana
  • African Travels arranged our trip to South-Africa in a really personal way. They booked a wonderfull guesthouse in Cape Town and we had a perfect tour (Wine tour and Garden Route)! If you ever need a agency helping you out by booking your trip to SA, contact them!

    Tailor made South Africa
  • Excellent Service, Great Tour and always available! I strongly recommend this agency for your SA trip!

    South Africa

Self drive through Botswana and Namibia

The ultimate way to enjoy the vast desert landscape and wildlife destinations

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