Cultural experiences

Local African cultures in many ways


The idea of an African ‘cultural experience’ sometimes makes us cringe. It brings to mind superficial tribal dancing and local people forced into demeaning, stereotypical roles. Rest assured: this is absolutely not what we offer.

Depending on your interest we can include excursions to meet local villagers, so you can see what life is like in fairly remote corners of Africa. This takes time, but can be fascinating and always varies depending on what’s happening in the village when you visit. From feeding the cows, to preparing dinner or even spending the night. Nature walks with a local tribe will teach you a lot about medical plants. Visiting a local market and a cooking class will let you experience more the contemporary life of the locals. But attending a rugby match in South Africa we consider to be a local experience aswell and can be added. 

Child friendly

Depending on the age of the children, we will include child friendly cultural activities. Encounters with the local tribes that will last a lifetime.

We will only include activities if we know that you as a visitor ánd the local community will benefit from the visit and do no harm in any way. 

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