Overland truck & dome tent

More than a truck


An overland truck is much more comfortable than you would imagine. But you do have to spend quit a few days on it so it hás to be comfortable. Specially with long days of driving from one destination to another. 

Sleeps 2 but has space for 3


  • Dome tents with integrated mosquito nets
  • Tents are three person dome tents. To ensure a good amount of space only two people sleep in each tent
  • The tents are made from rip-stop canvas and have a sewn in ground sheet
  • Mostly provided with a large separate fly sheet to give you extra protection in heavy rain


We offer different group tour with different overland trucks. Specifications will be found in teh Tour Dossiers of the trip. Not every overland truck has a personal locker in the truck itself. 

Camp mattresses

We provide individual 4 inch thick high density foam mats covered in rip-stop material.

Tables and stools

Camp stools and trestle tables will be provided.

Dietary requests

Vegan, lactose or vegetarian? Please tell us in advance so we can inform the tour leader. We can cater for most allergies or dietary requirements. However, please be slightly flexible in your requests. Africa is still primitive so fresh veggies are not a problem but vegan pre-made hamburgers etc. you cannot expect.

Charging, audio and intercom

  • Overland trucks have power sockets that work from 600 watt intelligent power inverters. These convert 24v DC to AC mains electricity (220 – 240v). You just need to plug in and charge your camera, mobile phone, Ipod and video equipment. Some trucks also have additional 12V charge points;
  • They also have audio equipment with an amplifier to which you can attach your Ipod or MP3 player so we can enjoy each others music;
  • Intercom system so you can always talk to the driver.


  • All seats are fitted with lap belts for your personal safety.
  • Underseat lockup for daybags and cameras.
  • On board tables for card games and diary writing.
  • Professionally compiled expedition medical kit
  • Fire extinguishers
  • A comprehensive range of spare parts and tools.
  • The resource library is well stocked with reference material and maps.
  • All trucks have sand mats, and chains where necessary

Kitchen and catering including fridge and gas cooker

  • Your overland truck has a 115 litre fridge/freezer, as distinct from cool boxes which are dependent on arranging ice.
  • We also have an extensive built-in kitchen equipped with all needed cooking and catering equipment including a cool box additional to the fridge.
  • A barbeque grill is provided and there is also a gas cooker offering a convenient alternative and minimising the impact on the environment.

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Travel Information

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