African safari styles

African Safari Styles, which safari type suits you? 

Did you know there are many types of African Safaris? There are so many unique ways to experience the breathtaking savannahs, deserts, tropical rainforests and mountains of Africa! Private guided safaris, group safaris, locally hosted safaris… Let us explain the most important safari styles. 

There are many different ways to experience the breathtaking savanna, tropical rainforest, delta’s and deserts of Africa. Let us explain the types of safari. Apart from the family safaris, malaria free safaris, luxury rail safaris, active safaris, romantic safaris, First time safaris, multi country safaris, culinairy safaris, exclusive safaris, there are overall some similarities in the way you travel and go on safari. Here is a brief summery:

Private guided safaris

If you want to be looked after by someone who has travelled the route before and has knowledge of the area and surroundings.

A private guided safari means you will be accompanied during your entire trip by one of our guides. At all times there will be someone with you to help you out with the small little things during your trip: luggage, customs, medical and dietary requirements, an unexpected travel hiccup which happen in Africa despite precaution being taken. These guides have knowledge about Africa, about the do and don’ts, its politics, culture and people.

Due to the nature of the characters that live this kind of life, these people often have great personalities, with an abundance of patience and a wonderful sense of humour. This is supported by a love for people and the wildlife whose lives and ways they share with the lucky guests traveling with them.

The other important advantage is that there is full continuity during the entire trip, thereby avoiding guests being subject to several repetitions about game and wildlife facts, and procedures in different camps. The guide liaises directly with camp managers and the local guides to facilitate any requirements.

To maintain the flow of a safari, we recommend the use of Private Charter aircrafts wherever possible between camps, as this avoids unnecessary over-night stays en route to other camps, and saves time generally.

The use of private dedicated vehicles is another recommendation, as this again allows a fully exclusive experience and creates opportunity for flexibility and a degree of independence in each camp. Naturally, this introduces extra costs but it is well worth it.

Locally hosted safaris

The most popular way of travelling. 

Travelers on safari without a Private Guide will have the benefit of being hosted in the camps by the staff of the camps. That means the managers and local camp guides will liaise with you and be your hosts at each different camp. Therefore, travelers will meet different staff at each camp, and although this does incur an element of repetition on drives and in the evenings at dinner, it is a perfectly satisfactory way of having a safari. Travelers will need to inform the local guide at each camp of their previous experiences and sightings.

Many travellers do this and have good experiences.

Flying safaris

When time is limited. 

Flying safaris are commonly requested when a group of friends or family wish to travel quickly, efficiently and often independently with (or without) a Private Guide. The independent travel style ensures that no extra nights are spent in airports waiting for scheduled flights between destinations, and depending on aircraft sizes, these smaller aircrafts can be used between smaller camps with gravel airstrips, which are common in rural Africa. Normally the pilot or pilots are familiar with the territory they are flying over and can point features of interest along the way, particularly in Namibia and travelers get a better perspective of the country from the air. Some personalized flying safaris allow the opportunity to visit very special experiences by using small out of the way wildlife destinations.

However, a flexible mindset is needed as charter flights often depend on weather conditions.

It is a very fun way to travel!

Special interest safaris

For photographers, birdwatchers, wine lovers, cyclists

These safaris are specifically designed in close co-operation with travelers who may be bird watchers, culturally focused, specific mammal lovers, golfers or serious general photographers. The duration of each visit depends entirely on the travelers and on how much time they wish to spend with particular animals or birds in that location. 

Wine tours, bike tours, water based safaris. You dream it, we organize it!

Group safaris

Travelling in a group makes things cheaper. And it can be a lot of fun too. Meeting people from all over the world. More eyes during game drives to spot animals. But also being patience if another traveller needs more time to take the perfect picture. Group safaris are available in all levels of luxury.

Individual self drives

We tailor make a self drive route to very accessable parks. You drive around with your own vehicle. Safaris at your own pace, with your own vehicle. However, some areas are not allowed for self drive travellers and night game drives are always prohibited.

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