Coffee tour

Kenya and Uganda produce one of the best coffee in the world


Are you crazy about coffee? Depending on your level of coffee knowlegde we can advice you where to go. We offer coffee tours to farms, coffee master classes, visits to a barista school and training centers, farm visits or the coffee auction. With a background in coffee, it’s clear we are passionate about this excursion!  

Rwanda’s, Tanzania and Kenya’s rolling hills and rich soils produce coffee of extraordinary quality. As a result, the country is a star in the specialty coffee world, with its delicate flavors loved by connoisseurs around the world.

One of our favorite is Question Coffee, who has been serving Rwanda’s best coffee at its busy Kigali cafe and training center. Question Coffee serves coffee exclusively grown by women trained and supported through the Relationship Coffee Institute, a partnership between Sustainable Harvest and Bloomberg Philanthropies providing training and market access to women coffee farmers.

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