Naankuse Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Project

28 January 2016 Volunteer in Namibia at the amazing Naankuse Wildlife Conservation!  Recently we came accross the amazing work of the Naancuse Wildlife Conservation Porgramme....
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Volunteer at SAMREC penguin rescue center

13 March 2015 Crazy about penguins? Get involved and volunteer at SAMREC, Port Elizabeth’s marine bird rehabilitation and education centre situated in the Cape Recife...
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Meet us on the 21st of February

28 January 2015 We are joining the Wereldwijzer Volunteer day in Groningen on Saturday the 21st of February 2015. This is a live event where...
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Volunteering in Africa

Where does your money go?Unlike many other organizations, we donate 15% of the money paid by volunteers directly to the project itself (can differ per...
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