FREE WakaWaka Powerbank #ShareTheSun

Get a FREE WAKAWAKA Power + (Regular price € 69,95) with every booking! 

What’s so great about a WakaWaka?

With regular power outages in Africa, this gadget can be very handy when travelling. It charges an iPhone within 2 hours and the flashlamp is just the greatest thing to travel with! You receive 1 free WakaWaka per booking (not per person).

Isn’t it time everyone shared the same basic human rights?

We see access to sustainable energy as a basic human right. Not a luxury. Not a nice-to-have. Not something for the future; something for now. A straight-up pre-condition for development. Because access to electrical light and power means access to education, to communication, to income-generating opportunities, to self-belief, to a better future.

The sun is the world’s greatest natural energy resource. It’s abundant, it’s sustainable, and it’s available everywhere. It’s the solution for everyone who needs power but doesn’t have access to electricity. So let’s use it.

What is WakaWaka Power+ powerbank / flash light?

The WakaWaka Power + is a powerful, compact charger and (pocket) lamp on solar energy. It charges any type of phone and small electronic devices and provides up to 150 hours of safe and sustainable light. Features:

  • 4 light modes: from 5 to 75 lumens
  • Flexible positioning: on a table, bottle, or on a string
  • SOS emergency mode
  • Made of very strong and durable 100% recycled PC-ABS
  • Every purchase helps fund the WakaWaka Foundation’s efforts to end energy poverty and bring light to the 1.2b people in the world without electricity
  • High efficiency solar panel converts the sun into power for USB devices and light for many uses
  • About the size and weight of a smartphone
  • Fully charges a smartphone in about 2 hours and provides up to 150 hours of light on a single charge
  • Flexible positioning: table top, on a bottle, hanging from the ceiling
  • Patented Intivation SunBoost chip

How it works | = Buy One Give One

When you make a booking with us you will receive per booking (not per person) a free WakaWaka. As a Social Enterprise we are willing to give a part of our profit away. As we feel this is a very important project and teh ultimate gadget for your trip to Africa, we decides to give one to our costumers. Every purchase helps fund the WakaWaka Foundation’s efforts to end energy poverty and bring light to the 1.2b people in the world without electricity So when you receive your WakaWaka Power+ you may donate one to Africa or other project in need somewhere around the world. 

Give away your WakaWaka at the end of your trip!

Obviously it would be great if you would give away your WakaWaka at the end of your trip just before you return home. Give it to a person who will make great use of it, like in a town ship where a whole family will benifit. 

Mission of WakaWaka

1.2 billion people in the world have no access to electricity and millions of others face daily power outages. The effects of this energy poverty are enormous. Lack of electricity and light causes a strong reduction in the quality of life. Kerosene lamps are extensively used as light source despite being inefficient, dangerous and expensive and negative impacts on health and environment.

WakaWaka (‘bright light’ in Swahili) develops, manufactures and markets high-tech, low-cost ‘lamps and chargers on solar energy. Products that are indispensable in both the West and developing markets. By utilizing the latest technology in the field of solar energy, developed by our partner and leader Intivation, the WakaWaka Light and Power WakaWaka real lifesavers for people without access to electricity.

Innovative and super-efficient products for anyone who longs for the best in technology and design, while a solution to the dangerous dependence on kerosene millions of families from the ‘Base of the Pyramid’.

Research has shown that replacing kerosene lamps cost saving by products on solar energy, resulting in improved school performance and family provides an increase in the capacity to generate income. Health risks, burn and CO2 emissions are reduced while the ability to make mobile phones communication load and entrepreneurship possible. Access to local sustainable energy is a fundamental right – it makes people self-reliant, it connects people and it saves lives.

Social Enterprises

The nice thing is that WakaWaka and African Travels both Social Enterprises. Together we work for a better world.