No more visa needed for Malawi

No more visa needed for Malawi

‘Warm Heart of Africa’ eases entry rules

The government of Malawi, located in southeast Africa, has implemented an immediate relaxation of its visa rules. Residents of 15 European countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium, can now travel to the increasingly popular safari destination without a visa.

Growth and Developments With this change, the Malawian government is responding to the growth in interest observed even before the pandemic. Malawi has become one of the most comprehensive tourist destinations in Africa. The country has long been known for its breathtaking landscapes, beautiful beaches of Lake Malawi, and cultural interactions with the friendliest population on the continent.

In recent years, extensive nature conservation has taken place in the country, with transformation projects and impressive translocations of numerous wildlife species. The goal is to expand habitats, create new habitats, and strengthen or restore balance in wildlife. As a pleasant result for visitors, this allows for fantastic and diverse forms of safaris. The elimination of the visa requirement is expected to be a significant incentive for Africa enthusiasts to visit the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’.

Safari is just one part of it.

With the immediate implementation of the relaxed visa rules, Malawi expects a strong boost to inbound tourism. Deputy Director of Tourism Marketing, Sosten Yobe Lingwalanya, says: “Thanks to our targeted policy, the quality and variety of Malawi’s national parks have been raised to a high level. Collaboration with partners in the tourism industry is essential in this regard.” He continues: “At the same time, Malawi, with over 800 species of fish and extensive sandy beaches along Lake Malawi, offers great scenic routes, numerous hiking, biking, and walking trails, vast tea and coffee plantations, as well as a wide choice of hotels, resorts, and lodges, making it a very comprehensive holiday destination.” For more information, consumers can visit the website of the Departement of Tourism of Malawi.