Traveling to Lesotho

Lesotho is not a very common holiday destination. However, we do include Lesotho occasionally to self drive clients who know what they can expect. Those steep and bad gravel roads are not very every one…

Commonly known as ‘The Kingdom in the Sky’ due to its dramatically high altitude, Lesotho is rather unique in that it is entirely surrounded by South Africa. This tiny and spectacularly mountainous kingdom makes for a wonderful adventure getaway with excellent pony trekking, hiking, rock climbing, fishing, abseiling, birdwatching, mountain biking and even snow skiing on offer. The country’s highlands boast magnificent mountain scenery, clean mountain air and the opportunity to witness first-hand the fascinating traditional cultures of its warm and welcoming locals. Visit isolated Basotho villages dotted about the rolling hills of Lesotho’s extraordinarily scenic countryside with its breathtaking waterfalls and its maze of glistening streams traversing the picturesque landscape. Itinerary favourites include: the highest waterfall in southern Africa, the Maletsunyane Falls; as well as the capital city of Maseru, where the modern world exists harmoniously alongside more traditional cultural practices. Lesotho is an ideal location for travellers seeking an adventurous outdoor experience in a place of raw natural beauty with a wonderfully preserved authentic local culture.

Lesotho Highlights


Resting on the foothills of the majestic Maloti Mountains, Malealea is a remote village tucked in the Makhaleng Valley on the rustic highland terrain of southern Lesotho. Surrounded by a sweeping landscape of rolling hillsides and a rugged mountain range, this rural village is the ideal starting point for scenic hikes, pony treks, skiing and mountain biking. Popular attractions include the Botsoela Waterfall, ancient San rock paintings, caves, overhanging rock sites, Pitseng Gorge and the Gates of Paradise Pass route, a rough gravel road that offers peerless views of the magnificent countryside.


Situated in beautiful Lesotho, the city of Maseru serves as the capital of the country. Maseru is known for its blend of vibrant cultures, quirky thatched buildings, crumbling colonial churches, and its variety of excellent restaurants and eateries. Maseru is the country’s only large town and provides a great base from which to explore central Lesotho’s trekking areas. The main road in the lively town centre sees most of the action, dotted with vibrant flea markets and street vendors that create a distinctly African atmosphere. Visitors can learn about Lesotho’s rich history, culture and traditions at the Mokorotlo, a traditional Basotho monument that has been redesigned in a modern style. Other popular activities include: shopping, sightseeing, horse riding, canoeing and view indigenous fauna and flora.

Maluti Mountains

Stretching over 100 kilometres from Lesotho into the Free State Province of South Africa, the Maluti Mountains include Southern Africa’s highest peak, Thabana Ntlenyana, reaching to an impressive height of 3482 metres. The range forms part of the Drakensberg system. The landscape is characterized by lush green grasslands, deep valleys and basalt cliffs.

Tailor made itinerary

Contact us if you like to visit Lesotho. We are more than happy to design a tailor made itinerary to Lesotho!