Price reduction visa Malawi

4 March 2020

Good news! Since last month, visa prices have been reduced to Malawi. The price for a single entry visa or transit visa has been reduced from $ 75 per person to $ 50 per person. This makes the visa rate equal to that in most African countries. For a multiple entry visa for six months you pay 150 dollars now and $ 250 months 250 months. Besides that the visa on arrival can be obtained, since November 2019 it is also possible to apply for your e-visa online in advance.

Fourth flight opportunity to Malawi

Travellers have been able to fly through different routes to Malawi in recent years. Via Nairobi or Johannesburg to Blantyre or Lilongwe. Another possibility was to fly via Addis Ababa to Malawi. Due to the direct connection of Malawi Airlines, there is now also an option to fly via Dar es Salaam (Tanzania).

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