Some exciting new activities to do in Namibia

Participating in activities, whether adventurous or relaxing, is not for everyone, but some travelers count activities in as a bonus point to tick off from their travel list.

Each activity is specifically chosen to match and compliment the destination and area you find yourself in, when travelling with us, to make it a travel experience you can’t get enough of.

Let’s have a look at some of the new activities here:

Scorpion Night Walks at Kalahari Anib Lodge

If you have done this activity before, you know the thrill of walking in the darkness through the red Kalahari sand, following a guide and his blue UV light to try to spot the glowing scorpions. The guided night walk takes place after dinner and is about 45 minutes long, perfect for the entire family. Did you know that the scorpion has a thin cuticle layer, called “hyaline layer”? This layer reacts to UV light and causes the body of the scorpion to glow.

River Rafting Tours at Omarunga Epupa-Falls Camp

The Kunene River offers plenty of excitement and adventure. No matter if you are camping or staying at the lodge, a river rafting excursion is a perfect activity to bring some life into your relaxing stay at the Epupa Waterfalls. As the water levels of the river are fluctuating depending on the season, this activity is only bookable during high water season, and directly at the lodge. The friendly lodge team will advise you on the best times to participate, as this is something to look forward to.

A Guided Walk at Etosha Safari Lodge

This might sound a bit… adventurous at first. But there is an experienced guide, who will lead the 2 to 3.5 kilometer hike through the Mopane woodland that is surrounding the Etosha Safari Lodge and Etosha Safari Camp area. During the walk you will learn all about the wildlife, plants, trees, and birds that you come across. Occasionally, visitors can spot a giraffe on the way from the camp to the lodge, and generally a few Damara Dikdiks and warthogs roam around in the bushes on the lookout for something to feed on. The walk includes refreshments and can be organized for morning or afternoon time. Duration is between one and two hours long.

Morning Boat Cruise for Bird Lovers

The birdlife at the Okavango River is incredibly diverse. Together with a trained guide from Hakusembe River Lodge in Rundu, you can experience all types of birds in air or on water from the comfort of your boat. Indulge in refreshments and snacks as you let the river wake you up with enchanting sounds and colours. The boat cruise is 1.5 hours long and is the perfect opportunity to view and photograph all kinds of birds up close. This activity is seasonal and depends on the water level. Perfect stop on your way to the Caprivi Strip and Victoria Falls or Chobe National Park.

Guided Canoe Trip at Hakusembe River Lodge

Have you ever sat in a canoe, while gliding silently on the river and let the water world around you lead you through a magical experience of its own? Let a guide treat you with snacks and refreshments during a 1.5 hour trip on the Okavanago River, and marvel at water lilies, snorting hippos, and colourful birds nesting in the reeds.

Visit to the Traditional Mali Village

Experience an open-air museum to learn about the traditional way of life of the local tribe Masubia, the largest of the Sub-ethnic groups found in the eastern Zambezi Region.  This trip is un-guided, but advice can be given by the friendly staff at Chobe River Camp, who will organize the visit for you. This visit provides valuable insight into local life of the Northern people, leaving you with new perspectives to apply to live.

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