What to do in Dar es Salaam

6 Tips for a day in Dar es Salaam

  1. Northern beachday at Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam
    Spend a day relaxing on the beach and swimming in the clear blue sea? Then go to one of the beach resorts in Mbezi Beach. For a small fee you can spend the day there, you get beach towels, you have a shade and a swimming pool and restaurant at your disposal. The ideal way to acclimatize after a long flight or enjoy your last day in Tanzania before your return flight. We can also book a night at the Mediterraneo Hotel & Restaurant for you.
  2. Eat Sushi
    Do you like a bit of glamor? Then go for an evening dinner at Cape Town Fish Market. Our beloved sushi restaurant. You can safely eat the most delicious sushi and enjoy a cocktail while the sun sinks into the sea.
  3. City walk
    Would you like to experience a bit of down town Dar es Salaam? [Book] a city walk with local guide Aloys. But be prepared that Dar es Salaam is hot and humid, so smells will be 100% intensified…
  4. Curio Shopping
    Do you want to do some shopping for the home front and spoil them with beautiful brightly colored beaded necklaces, a nice summer dress or beach towel? Then take a look at the Slipway bazaar, where you can stroll around for half a day. There is also a cozy restaurant on the quay.
  5. Sinda Island Dayexcursion including Snorkeling
    Do you love snorkling and would you like to spend a day on and around a bounty island? [Book] a day tour to Sinda Island. Departure from dar es Salaam. Snorkling gear and lunch included.
  6. Beachday in Southern Dar
    Most international camping group tours that start in Dar have Kipepeo Beach Village as their starting point. You can enjoy a day at the beach here. From the center of Dar you have to take the busy ferry, an experience in itself!