Why visit Duba Plains Private Reserve in Botswana

Why visit Duba Plains Private Reserve in Botswana?

Idyllically set in the Okavango Delta, the Duba Plains Private Reserve is one of the best places to start your African adventure. The landscape is characterised by vast expansive savannah plains dotted with fig, ebony, and garcinia trees and traversed by a network of pristine waterways.

What to do?

Visitors can look forward to leisurely boating excursions down the tranquil rivers of the Delta, thrilling game drives and mystical night drives in the African bush to spot a wealth of nocturnal wildlife.


Commonly spotted species include hippo, blue wildebeest, hyena, giraffe, elephant, lechwe, buffalo, tsessebe, and warthog. Visitors can also look forward to viewing over 200 species of bird, horse riding safaris through the untouched grasslands, and enjoy a glass of wine under the Africa night sky after a wonderful day of animal sightings in the wild.

Where to stay?

There is only one operator in the area which makes it a very exclusive stay. If you love exclusivity, stay at Duba Explorers Camp, Duba Plains Camp or the Duba Plains Suite.