January 15, 2021

7 Reasons why you can still join a group tour during COVID-19

Everyone will be asked to show a negative PCR test result. The same you use to board an airplane;You will be asked to fill in...
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7 reasons why a private safari is relatively safe during COVID-19

You travel with 1 and the same driver and your own family, partner or friends. There is minimal contact with other travellers;Your driver/guide will wear...
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8 reasons why a SELF DRIVE HOLIDAY to Africa is a safe option

A self-drive holiday is one of the safest ways of traveling during Covid-19. Rental vehicles will be cleaned and sanitized carefully before and after each...
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How Soon After Receiving the Vaccine Can You Travel?

The United States government is not requiring citizens to take the Covid-19 vaccines. In time, though, it’s almost certain that other countries, institutions, and travel...
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