Feed a child in Africa

Tourism is the nr 1 source of income in Africa. Due to the lockdown of many African countries, they are not only worried about the Corona virus, but they are worried about feeding their families. A lot of charities have also gone to ground because of this virus. Therefore a lot of people are struggling to get one meal a day, especially homeless children.


Through African Travels we share our passion for Africa as a travel company. We want to conserve Africa, its wildlife and its people so that future generations can also experience the beauty of this continent. But when people are starving, they will start hunting animals and what so ever.

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Due to the lockdown of countries many people experience the immediate effect and have no income. African Travels has decided to help a few people where we can in this worldwide crisis. Even 1$ can feed a couple of children. We wish we could help everyone but we simply can’t. Therefore we have selected a few projects which we know personally, so we know the money is in safe hands and well spend.


The first project is in SOUTH AFRICA, GREYTON. The town where our South African office is based. With the 21 day lockdown these kids do not get their daily meal that they usually get when going to school.


‘Last year I started a holiday feeding program for kids in my community. In light of the covid-19 threat and schools closing for a longer period INCLUDING our beloved after care, I have decided to try and fill that gap again. The idea came about knowing that a lot of kiddies do depend on the schools for a meal. Last year I catered for 50 kids and had an excellent turn up every day. I am hoping to double this and realise on such a larger scale, I cannot do this alone and HUMBLY request for your help.

I always serve a hot home cooked meal and when load shedding reared its head..wood burning potjie kos was on the menu. I sent notices out to the kids and had them all come to my house for lunch. This time round, with safety precautions for all in mind, I’ll dish up in takeaway containers, having the little ones come and collect their food first and the older ones, half an hour later. This way the kids can go home shortly after collecting their meal.
Herewith a list of some items if anybody would like to assist. This can be dropped off at my home or a collection can be arranged. Potatoes, Rice, Fish oil, Onions, Veg, Spices, Lentils, Meaty products, wood, take away containers, Flour, Tomato paste, Spaghetti/Noodles.

For transparency, I always post feedback. When things in this life and world feels like it is “falling” apart, reaching out and helping kids in my community, is my saving grace.

So, if you would like to get involved in any way, please donate.

Thank you, Shundeen Adams’

Donate via PayPal: https://tinyurl.com/uxjer4x

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