Hwange – incredible game viewing

Hwange – incredible game viewing

A few days in Hwange and we had the most incredible game-viewing. There are an estimated 40 000 elephants in the park and I think that we might have seen just about every one of them along the way. The wildlife, the birdlife, just the whole feel of the place is magic.

A drive through, entering at Robins and exiting at Main Camp ( something I have not done for many years) is a great reminder of just how vast the park is – and that is without taken many of the roads off the main track otherwise you would not get out the otherside before the gate closed. The landscape changes along the way – from teak forests, to grassy areas, back to forests and so it continues….Stops at various waterholes and platforms along the way and time to just sit and watch what was coming and going……there was always something.

A wonderful conversation with Godfrey, a national parks guide stationed at Masuma Dam, was so good for the soul. His passion and love for this park evident in every word he uttered. He sits and watches for hours every day and says it is ever changing and never boring.Plenty of cat spoor along the way and sightings before we got to places. We were not lucky enough for the big cats this time…but a daylight spot of a serval was fabulous.My kids passion for the bush and wildlife continues to grow and grow. Their thirst for knowledge is heart-warming.

And when there is very little to see – they make up complete nonsense songs about what they have seen. Long may this love continue.Hwange is a stones throw from Vic Falls. It is huge and you very rarely ( even during ‘normal’ times get lots of vehicles in one place. I think a visit should be on everyone’s bucket list. I know some incredible guides that operate in this park – and would offer you the trip of a lifetime…..just saying!

Text and images by Suzanne Eliot Smith