Why visit Semuliki National Park in Uganda

Why visit Semuliki National Park in Uganda

Semeliki National Park is located in Bwamba County, a remote part of the Bundibugyo District, in western Uganda. It was made a national park in October 1993 and is one of Uganda’s newest national parks. The landscape is characterised by vast grasslands, lush wetlands, and tropical forest and scattered with hot springs.

Which animals can you spot in Semuliki National Park?

The park is home to over 400 bird species, 300 butterfly species and other wildlife including a variety of primate species as well as elephants, buffalo, waterbuck, crocodile, and warthog.

What else is there to do?

Visitors can look forward to an array of wonderful hikes through the lush forests of the park, experience a cultural encounter with the Batwa hunter-gatherers, visit the steaming hot springs and enjoy a thrilling game drive.

Where to stay in Semuliki?

There is one beautiful Safari lodge in the park, Semliki Safari Lodge. However, you can also stay close to Fort Portal and take a day trip out to Semuliki. This way you can travel less out of a suitcase. However, if you have the time, we recommend to spend at least 2 nights at Semliki Safari Lodge, far away from the crowds! Contact us for a tailor made itinerary.