Why visit Viphya Plateau, Malawi

Why visit Viphya Plateau, Malawi

Running parallel to the magnificent Lake Malawi, the Viphya Mountains rise up from the Viphya Plateau in north-central Malawi. This stunning highland area encompasses forested rolling hills, vast valleys, and rocky peaks. Known for its exceptionally dramatic scenery, this remote area offers visitors a host of wonderful activities including mountain biking, horse riding, trekking, rock climbing, abseiling, canoeing, fishing, and a variety of hiking trails. The mountains provide spectacular views, diverse ecosystem habitats, and abundant wildlife including bush pig, antelope, monkey, duiker and leopard. Visit the Viphya Forest, the largest manmade forest in Africa, explore the area’s towns, and spot a host of bird life. Nature lovers will delight in this scenic mountain landscape.

Things to do in Viphya Plateau

The plateau has many trails ideal for hiking. Your hike may lead you to one of the beautiful rivers or through one of the sloping valleys. Luwawa Forest Lodge provides a great base for a whole range of activities including rock climbing, cycling, team building exercises, abseiling, trail walking, canoeing, and orienteering. Horse riding is also available on the plateau. Luwawa Forest Lodge are now offering the option to do the trails on horseback.

If you enjoy the outdoors and appreciate nature, then Viphya will not disappoint. There is a variety of colourful birdlife including the Scaly Francolin, Olive Woodpecker, and the Red-faced Crimson-wing, as well as antelope such as bushbuck. Not forgetting the monkeys, which are often seen darting through the trees. As well as an abundance of wildlife there are wildflowers and trees not found anywhere else in Malawi.

Must do’s

  1. Luwawa Mountain wilderness trail
    Spend 3 days hiking over the Kawandama Mountain, through pristine indigenous forest and finish near Kande Beach resort on the shore of Lake Malawi. This is a fantastic trail providing the opportunity to see the best of Malawi.
  2. Horse riding
    Enjoy the beauty of day rides in the Viphya and Tremendous Horse Trails will provide a guide who will show you spectacular scenery and shady forests. 2017 will see 3-day horse safaris introduced with a trail of about 75km in length with log cabins places about 25km apart.
  3. Guided forest walks
    The guided forest walk gives you the opportunity to learn more about the flora and fauna of the plateau. A highly knowledgeable guide will escort you and educate you on the history of the area as well as the wildlife and plant life.