Things to do at Ngare Ndare Forest, Kenya

Things to do at Ngare Ndare Forest, Kenya

Set in the foothills of Mt.Kenya, Ngare Ndare Forest is a lush indigenous forest in Northern Kenya. This Unesco-listed gem features lush swathes of dense indigenous forest rich with bird and animal life. It serves as an important elephant corridor which links the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to Mount Kenya. The forest is renowned for its azure cascading waterfall and rock pools surrounded by 200-year-old trees.


Visitors can spot elephants in the thick wilderness, walk below dense canopies past moss-covered trees and camp in the magnificent forest. Other popular activities include canyoning, rock climbing, bird watching, and game drives.

Tree Canopy Walk

A 450 m long bridge suspended 30 feets above the ground, the 1st one of its kind in E.A. Visitors walk to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the forest, which ends on a high platform where one can view elephants and other wild animals drinking water from the swamp below. For those with height phobia, this is the place to face your fears.

Rock Climbing

Ngarendare has rocks suitable for climbing, for the experienced adventures, and you need to have your own safety gear and expertise.